Neoprene & Laminations Print

CR, CS, SBR Neoprene Rubber , NBR & TPE.

We produce continuous neoprene  roll and slice sheet neoprene. The continuous roll is about 50 foot length and the sizes of our sliced sheet are 51”x83”, 47"x87", 50”x130” and 60"x130".  The thickness is skived from 0.5mm to 12mm per request. The types of our neoprene rubber as following:

#B type Neoprene Rubber:  90% Styrene Butadiene  compounded 10% Neoprene which provides an economical grade choice for the novelty items, bags, trimmer belts and some other sporting goods. Latex free.

#SCR type Neoprene Rubber:  80% or 70% Styrene Butadiene  compounded 20% or 30% Neoprene which provides high durability and flexibility for water wears, equestrian protections, fishing waders and orthopedic goods.  Latex free.

#CRR type Neoprene Rubber:  100% Neoprene a fine closed-cell structure, ozone and chlorine resistant, stretchable and fitting quality for water suits, surfing / triathlon suits, rashguards, leisure wears, diving suits and orthopedic goods. Latex free.

#A-12PE:   High-quality and soft cell fine structure offers high compression energy and thickness loss at diving depth, keeping warmth and comfort for professional diving suits and special support devices use.

#A-20CG:  Tight cell structure, higher resilient and unparalleled, durability with high compression resistance.

# NBR: Nitrile-butadiene rubber provides a good quality of anti-ozone, anti-slippery, wear resistance, oil resistance, fire / flame resistance and more buoyant.

#TPE: Thermoplastic elastomer combined with the processability of plastic. With maximum flexibility, durability, light weight and formable features, it is used in various industries for machinery, construction work, medical instrumnets, corrosion protection and insulated enclosures.

Neoprene laminated with Stretch Loops and Fabrics

1.) UBL Stretch Loops / Neoprene core / Standard Lightweight Nylon Fabric:  Compatible loop neoprene fabric for Velcro hooks.

2.)  UBL Stretch Loops / Neoprene core / Super Stretch 4-way  Nylon Fabric:  Compatible loop neoprene fabric for Velcro hooks.

3.) Nylon Plush Fabric / Neoprene core / Standard Lightweight Nylon Fabric:  Compatible loop neoprene fabric for Velcro hooks.

4.) Cotton Terry / Neoprene core / Standard Lightweight Cotton Fabric Inner:  Compatible loop neoprene for Velcro hooks

5.) Polyester Terry Loops / Neoprene core / Standard Lightweight Polyester Fabric Inner:  Compatible loop neoprene fabric for Velcro hooks.

6.) 4-way stretch Nylon Fabric(Ultra Stretch) / Neoprene core / 4-way stretch Nylon Fabric(Ultra Stretch).

7.) Standard Lightweight Nylon Fabric / Neoprene core / Standard Lightweight Nylon Fabric.

8.) Standard Lightweight UV-CUT Polyester Pique Fabric / Neoprene core / Standard Lightweight Polyester Fabric.

9.) Neoskin color coated / Stretch Nylon

10.) Aqua Stretch / Neoprene core / color coated on cell.

11.) Standard Nylon Fabric / Airprene / Standard Nylon Fabric.

12.) Sharkskin / standard Nylon Fabric.

*AIC 4-Way-Stretch fabric has the best stretchability Width: 600% and Length: 500%

<Any of your new fabric inquiry or specific combinations for our developping is very welcome.>

UBL Stretch Loop Compatible Fabric for Velcro

UBL stretch loop compatible fabrics fasten for all types of Velcro hooks.  Longer life-cycle, premium-grade durable loop applicable for orthopedic goods, sport protections, slimming suits and equestrian protection goods.


Innovative embossments, unique emboss patterns added on the neoprene rubber and fabric surfaces.

Embossing neoprene rubbers and fabric embossing versions. Custom emboss patterns are available per order.



Titanium Coated &PU Color Coated Neoprene

Color coating on the surface or back of neoprene rubber provides water repellent, dirt remover, non-absorbent, weight reducing, insulation, UV protection, keep warm and durable properties.

Clear Coated Neoprene Rubber 

Clear coating on the neoprene rubber provides maximum water repellence, dirt remover, no absorbent, weight reducing, washing endurance, clean protection and more buoyant features.  

Abrasion Resistant Neoprene 

Abrasion resistant neoprene provides maximun wear protections, ant-slip and prevent rubbing with a high abrasion resistance.  



Airprene, Aerated, Breathable Neoprene & Foam

AIRPRENE & AERATEPRENE with perforation of holes sizes which offers functions of breathable and moisture transmission.

Breathable Neoprene & foam are composed of billions of spherical shaped in open cells structure which heat does not build up when skin contacts with the surface. They are having breath and ventilation abilities, light and no adhesives which reduces the potential for skin irritation and moisture problems.

 AIC Fabric Color Chart

Stylish colors and colorful fabrics for every application.

 We provide special color shades and dyeing color to match yours. 

We OEM wetsuits, swimwear, surfing, slimming suit, yoga and rhythmic wears. 

We OEM mask and belts.

We OEM sports, medical and equine protective devices.

Aqua Stretch Wetsuits

 *Aqua stretch, 4-way-stretch and Neoskin neoprene rashguards, surfing suit, triathlon, kayaking and swimming suits made from 0.5mm~1.0mm thick neoprene with super  stretch fabric and other side coated. Unique thinnest, soft, lightweight, flexible, warm, durability,  less restriction, maximize speed, buoyant and stretchy performances.

*4-WAY-STRETCH WAIST TRIMMER maintaining your body in freedom movement and comfort hidden under your cloth wear. Better strength ability and longer life-span loops for open and close.

*SUPER STRETCH RHYTHM NEOPRENE PANT. Top and bottom are not attached, easy to put on and take off maintaining a good seal against the skin. Low heat conduction, easy care, excellent dirt remover, water repellant, free movement and reduce weights good bady shape.

The Applications of our Neoprene Fabric.

Ready made products: Water suits, Leisure Wears, Sports protections, Medical and Orthopedic Devices.